Get a Personal Training plan including coaching by a Professional Running Coach

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen – optimize your result by getting coached by a professional coach and by following a plan that is based on the latest science and personalized to your current strength. 1

There’s no better time than the present!

No matter what your goal is, we will do whatever in our powers to help it occur. 

The reasons why you should choose us! 2

Getting faster

Whether you’re a running newbie or a veteran marathoner, we’ve got the plan that will make you faster. 3

Improve your endurance

The way the plans are structured you will get optimal endurance improvements. 4

Building strength

Our plans are build in a way that minimises the risk injuries which means that you steady will build up you strength. 5

Happy brain

A good physical form equals a happy mind and your coach is right behind you if you got questions - no need to worry. 6

Great pace

The best way to build long distance speed and endurance it to train slowly and in a pace that does not stress the body and mind. 7


We will fix the plan if your life changes or just want to do more/less training, get sick, etc.

We offer only one option, but it will be customized to your wishes and made with our expert knowledge.

Your price depends on how many weeks you want you training plan to last.
Select one or more target distances


TRAININGPLAN_PRO - Running coach

Running coaches are just for fast runners aren’t they?

If you are a regular athlete you might have thought of hiring yourself a running coach but then you ignore the idea because you are not a fast runner or an Olympian. Or maybe you get scared of all the tough stuff your coach will make you do. But don’t worry. It is not tough. You can get a coach even if you are a newbie runner. A coach will help build an effective training plan. He will help you move in a specific direction.

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Running Injuries: Why Are We So Stupid?

Running and fitness enthusiasts will always have injuries, even though our equipment and knowledge about the topic is getting better all the time. The reality is, enthusiasts will exercise in excess and will not generally stop even though the signs and symptoms of an injury are slapping them in the face.

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